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As an officer of the Anthropology Undergraduate Student Association (AUSA) at New York University from 2008-2010, I helped launch an initiative to increase the number of undergraduates interested in conducting anthropological fieldwork by providing resources to help them pick and choose among the hundreds of options out there. With Katie Chiou (now a Ph.D. student in archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley), I wrote a comprehensive guide to fieldwork and internship opportunities in anthropology, complete with advice for applying to programs, statements from peers, and listings of current field school and internship opportunities around the world. See our past releases here: 2008 version2009 version

In my final year at NYU, I realized that, despite some positive feedback, the approach that we had taken limited the handling of information to one or a few officers of AUSA, placing first an inordinate amount of work on very few people and, second, inevitably biasing the editorial process towards only those programs we had knowledge of. Furthermore, our annual “publishing” scheme left very little flexibility for updating information or adding new programs as they became available. To address these concerns, I developed an online public “wiki” site to continue indexing the information and hope that receiving contributions from all visitors will help to more effectively update and improve information on this website. At the same time, I am securing a dedicated staff of editors among current undergraduate anthropologists, including new officers of AUSA@NYU. This wiki is still a work-in-progress but, with your help, I hope that it can turn into a valuable resource for future generations of budding anthropologists. Thank you for visiting and enjoy browsing!

If you would like to be added as one of our Editors, please contact me. Visitors who are interested in posting to this guide should read the Guidelines for Editing.

Please also ask questions and leave comments in the Feedback section.

Best wishes,
Kenny Chiou
kenneth.chiou [at] wustl.edu

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