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One of the key features of this new online version of the Fieldwork and Internship Guide is that anybody, including you, can access and update information. As is the nature of all such projects, the wealth and promise of this user-editing approach depends on the number and enthusiasm of editors (that's you). There are, however, some inevitable editorial considerations to keep in mind. Here are some rules and guidelines for all editors to follow. If you have any questions, please contact our Editors.

Wiki Rules

First off, I reserve the right to restrict editing privileges, to in any way alter the format and content of this guide, and to remove this guide from the Internet. Using the editing features in this wiki constitutes acceptance of this policy.

I welcome postings from programs that wish to use this space to advertise themselves. This guide, however, is meant to provide information about undergraduate fieldwork and internship opportunities in anthropology. Please refrain from listing material that does not fulfill this objective. Please also follow all established editing conventions.

Do not post material that has already been posted.

Do not add listings that deviate from the outlined syntax in the section below.

Do not delete listings unless (1) the program website or official contact has announced that it will no longer run in the future or (2) the program has been inactive for at least three years. Instead, use the Active/Inactive column to mark the status of a listing.

If you are unsure about editing syntax, test your changes on the playground. You should also preview changes before saving. Read about wiki syntax in the syntax section.

How to Edit

To make changes to a page, navigate to that page and click the “Edit this page” button located at the top and bottom of the page. Note: Visitors do not have editing privileges on all pages.

Each fieldwork and internship entry requires certain information (minimally, the name of the program, a link, and the affiliation should be included).

Programs are flagged as either active or inactive. Active means that the program is running and accepting applications in the year specified. Inactive means that the program is not running. This section is important as many programs do not run on an annual basis or have early deadlines. If the year specified is not the current year, the entry may need to be updated. If a program is inactive, the year in which it was last active should appear in parentheses. Do NOT delete a listing just because it is inactive in a given year and/or the link is broken.

Descriptions need not follow a specific style. You will want, however, to convey essential information about the program. In general, describe the location, time period (if applicable), and general information about the type of work.

To add an entry to a table, use the appropriate syntax. Replace text as necessary, but leave spaces (usually two contiguous spaces) where they are! If you are leaving certain listings as incomplete, delete the placeholders so that visitors can clearly identify incomplete material.

For funding sources:
|[[Link|Funding Source]]  |Affiliation  |Active/Inactive (Year)  |~Deadline  |Description  |
For internship listings:
|[[Link|Program]]  |Affiliation  |Active/Inactive (Year)  |~Deadline  |Description  |
For fieldwork listings:
|[[Link|Program]]  |Affiliation  |Active/Inactive (Year)  |Start-End  |~Deadline  |$Cost  |Location: Description  |
For additional resources:
|[[Link|Resource]]  |Description  |

Students who have experience doing fieldwork or working as an intern are welcome to post their experiences. To add an experience, you may either write it directly into this wiki or contact one of our editors to have him or her post it for you.

If you wish, you may first update a photo of yourself. Use the “Add Images” button to upload the file. Please resize the image so that it is no more than 100 pixels tall. Then specify the filename using the syntax below. Replace FILENAME.EXT with the filename (ex. smith.jpg).

Add yourself to the table. The table is organized in alphabetical order, by last name. Replace ONLY the information in CAPS.

Follow the syntax:
|[[studentexperiences#YOUR NAME|YOUR NAME]]| SCHOOL 'YY| PROGRAMS|  {{FILENAME.EXT}}  |

Scroll below to the appropriate area, again according to alphabetical order. Create a heading by using the syntax:

====YOUR NAME====

Now you can begin editing! Write in your experiences and save when ready.

If you need help posting information, visit the Feedback section of the guide and add it under “Suggestions”. An editor will add the information for you.

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