Applying for Credits


New York University

As you may know, applying to have non-NYU credits accepted can be a headache, involving petitions, validations from the department, and faculty recommendations. You may be required to follow different procedures for different types of programs. That is why we suggest that you visit a CAS advisor or Study Abroad advisor as soon as possible to determine your particular course of action. If you are looking to transfer your credits from a field school abroad to NYU, for example, you will be required to write a petition for non-NYU Study Abroad (see example at left), as well as have your department validate the relevancy of the program to your major. You will also be need to obtain a recommendation. Keep in mind, there may be a limit to the amount of credit NYU is willing to accept, and there are rules about residency that you may need to follow (i.e., you must take your last 32 credits “in house” at NYU. Also, if you receive credit, it may come in the form of a pass/fail, rather than a letter grade.

For those of you looking to receive credit through less complicated means, try going for “Internship” credit (which doesn’t count towards your major) or “Independent Study” credit through the department. To arrange for internship credit in anthropology, simply talk to Professor Di Fiore, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and obtain a statement from your internship supervisor concerning the type of work you’ll be doing. To undertake an Independent Study, find a faculty member who will help you with developing and completing a research project.

Whatever you decide to do, try to plan ahead and arrange all your affairs as soon as possible. These things, especially the petitions, can take weeks to process, so we suggest you begin working on yours as soon as you can. Good luck!

Sample Petition: petition.pdf

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