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Woolly tracking

While I carry a radio receiver with me every day to help find monkeys (some of which are wearing radiocollars), so far many of my encounters with woollies have occurred without the help of radio telemetry. While part of this … Continue reading

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The station

Being located about two hours downriver from the nearest human settlement, all food, supplies, and visitors arrive at Tiputini by boat, which run only on Mondays and Fridays. This is actually very important to know if, like me, you micromanage … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how, after a day in one of the most wild places that I have ever spent time in, covered in rainforest gunk and fresh bug bites, I find myself ten minutes later basking in air conditioning and enjoying … Continue reading

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How to pack like a primatologist

Around this time last year, I remember being shocked at how I was expected to pass two months living out of a carry-on sized suitcase. There are, however, several reasons for packing light as a primatologist (or any tropical field … Continue reading

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