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End of a season

Alas, it is the end of another field season and I am writing this from my home in New Jersey, two nights and two hot showers after leaving Tiputini. Here’s a smattering of thoughts and events from the past few … Continue reading

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. . . and may the poop be plentiful

Monday marked the arrival of Tony, my undergraduate advisor, and the first presence of another human on the monkey project here at Tiputini. While I have hardly been alone–the volunteers, managers, staff, and students have been tons of fun–it is … Continue reading

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Sights and sounds

It is never silent here. It’s taken me two weeks here in the forest to realize that I am constantly immersed in a forest full of animals chittering and chattering, clicking and clucking, cheeping and chirping, hooting and howling. As … Continue reading

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