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New links in blogroll

Three new links added to the blogroll today, all of them from good friends and colleagues in primatology: Chris is Evopropinquitous and keeps probably the most entertaining blog by a primatologist or any other field biologist. His stories cover the cute, the … Continue reading

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You can post to your blog via email!

If successful, this marks my first post submitted via email. On Friday, I leave for Kafue National Park, Zambia, where I will be monitoring baboons for a six-week period. Chances for electricity and internet are slim. Possible, but slim so … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!

First post! Welcome, visitor, to my newly established blog! As a budding field primatologist, I started this mostly to chronicle my life in the field, both personal and professional, but also to write about general topics that interest me. At … Continue reading

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