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Three new links added to the blogroll today, all of them from good friends and colleagues in primatology:

Chris is Evopropinquitous and keeps probably the most entertaining blog by a primatologist or any other field biologist. His stories cover the cute, the bizarre, the educational, and especially the disgusting aspects of being a field biologist. And they’re all 100% true. io9 wrote the following about Chris’ writing:

Our new favorite Tumblr is scientific, graphic and hilariously tragic. It also features fluffy monkey scrota.

What more could you ask for?

Christina is Monkeyologist and writes about primates and other critters in the field, the laboratory, and in the news. She is easily one of the top computer geeks in primatology and regularly posts her excellent programming tips and examples for both research computing and everyday tasks.

News from Kinda Camp contains updates from the Kasanka Baboon Project. The Kasanka Baboon Project is the first major long-term project monitoring the behavior of kinda baboons (Papio kindae), one of the newest and least-known varieties of baboon and, incidentally, one of the baboon species involved in my research. Aside from its scientific aims, the Kasanka project also does important community development and conservation education work. Visit the website for more information.

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